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DHA (Defence housing authority) is a remarkably renowned housing project across Pakistan, initially launched in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. Afterward, this successful maneuver expanded in more cities of Pakistan. DHA has now introduced new housing projects in Multan, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, and Gujranwala.

DHA Peshawar is near Nasir Bagh Road, and Askari 6 Peshawar is the only trendsetting housing project in the province KPK. Consequently, it has made strong notoriety among the public.

The foundations of DHA Peshawar with the course of selection, documentation, and possession of land have been laid in 2007. Later, a legal agreement labeled as DHA Peshawar Act 2009 was established under an official act of KPK. At present, with a firmly established convention, DHA Peshawar strives to be responsible for a viable, comfortable, and lavish housing project in KPK, as previously seen in other cities, making life easier for people to live in a secure housing scheme near to their hometowns. In addition, DHA Peshawar, after its finalization, will bring world-class infrastructure along with an advanced lifestyle and guaranteed financial returns for the investors.



Peshawar, the capital city of the province KPK is marked as the highest developed city of the province retaining more than 3.4 million population. KPK holds a population of 3 crore people taking in the public of Peshawar as well. Prior to the launch of DHA Peshawar, investors had to look for other cities for their purchase of land and investments for a highly secure and quality lifestyle. But this issue has been resolved with the emergence of DHA Peshawar.


DHA Peshawar housing project is connected well with the prime areas of Peshawar city through expressway and motorway. DHA Peshawar is the first-ever gated community in KPK with a viable, comfortable, modern, and luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, making it a phenomenal housing project of KPK that has indeed elevated the rank of Peshawar.

Moreover, the DHA Peshawar housing project is full of Boast’s parks, greenbelts, recreational facilities besides well-crafted theme parks, public libraries, minimart, mosques, and a commercial tower located at a prime location on Nasir Bagh Road having Direct access from Northern Bypass. Additionally, the DHA Peshawar housing project upholds an ultra-modern infrastructure with underground cabling for electricity, a broad road network, and above all, 24/7 security and surveillance.

Distinguishing features of DHA Peshawar:

World-Class Infrastructure and Roads:

DHA Peshawar housing project incorporates roads with international standards. In addition, DHA Peshawar keeps world-class infrastructure for comfortable yet advanced living.

  • Most of the roads in DHA Peshawar are 130ft while many internal roads are 80ft.
  • 1 Kanal plots in DHA Peshawar is on 50 ft roads
  • 10 Marla plots in DHA Peshawar are on 40 ft roads
  • 5 Marla plots in DHA Peshawar are on 30 ft roads.

Modern sewerage management system:

DHA Peshawar housing project holds an organized underground sewerage system to discard wastewater through proper pipes, conduits, and ancillary work from its point of origination to the treatment site so that it can get back into the environment.

Facilities in DHA Peshawar:

Medical Facilities in and Near DHA Peshawar:

It is the most fundamental need of the residents of any society to have easy and quick access to a reasonable and satisfactory medical facility during an emergency. Fortunately, it has been kept under consideration as per the developmental plan of DHA Peshawar and, the society saved sufficient land to build a hospital.

DHA Peshawar has technologically advanced emergency and surgical centers working 24/7 to facilitate its community anytime from highly experienced staff. In addition, the residents of DHA Peshawar can access the below listed nearby hospitals:

  • Naseer Teaching Hospital is roughly 10 minutes’ drive away, located on Nasir Bagh Road, Peshawar. It’s a smooth-running teaching hospital established in 1980 and is providing professional medical services in various departments.
  • Khalil Medical Centre is just 3 km away in Jumma Khan Kalay on Shahi Bala Road.
  • Hayatabad Medical Complex is operational in Phase 4, Hayatabad, approximately 9 km away from the project. It is the third-largest teaching hospital producing comprehensive health services in multiple departments.
  • Peshawar General Hospital, located on Passport Office Road, is about 24 minutes away to reach by road.
  • Khyber Teaching Hospital, located on University Road, Rahat Abad, is about 20 minutes away from the project.
  • Rehman Medical Institute and WomeareHospital are about 10 km away, pinned on Shaukat Khanum Road and Women Hospital Road respectively, in Phase 5, Hayatabad.
  • Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine, is accessible within 20 minutes’ drive, situated at University Road, opposite Khyber Teaching Hospital.
  • Kuwait Teaching Hospital is 9 km away, sited on Abdara Chowk, Warsak Dam Road.
  • Akbar Khan Dental Clinic, is about 10 minutes away, sited in Kohati Gate.
  • Regi Dental Clinic takes about 20 minutes, sited in Palosi Talarzai.

Public Transport in and Near DHA PESHAWAR:

DHA Peshawar is located at an ideal position on Nasir Bagh Road, which facilitates the residents to quickly reach all public and economical transport choices like taxis, rickshaws, chingchis, and transporters. App-based ride-hailing services for a comfortable commute are also available here.

Furthermore, several BRT Bus Stops by Peshawar Bus Rapid Transport cover the main routes in the city, about 7 km away from DHA Peshawar. DHA Peshawar housing project has about 31 planned stations on a 26 km long BRT corridor which would take away the everyday commute’s hassle at reasonable costs.

On the other hand, Peshawar Railway Station in Peshawar Cantonment is half an hour’s drive away for intercity travels and Bacha Khan International Airport, also known as Peshawar International Airport, is about a 35-minute drive away on Peshawar Northern Bypass/Peshawar Ring Road for intercity as well as international travels.

Educational Institutions in and Near DHA Peshawar:

DHA Peshawar has planned to build high-quality educational institutions for children to lay a strong foundation in Pakistan and chase their dreams. Meanwhile, residents of DHA Peshawar can access some notable educational institutes on their premises.

Some of the noteworthy schools near DHA Peshawar includes:

  • The Green Lyceum (Mustafa Campus) is 9 minutes’ drive away on Nasir Bagh Road.
  • The Beaconhouse School System and The City School Hayatabad, remarkably known O-level schools in Peshawar are located hardly 15 to 20 minutes away from the project. Moreover, both Cambridge and Matric systems are followed by these two well-reputed schools.
  • The Global Grammar High School Regi is just 4 km away in Askari 6.
  • Government High School Bade Zai Peshawar in Askari 6 can be reached in around 10 minutes.
  • It takes only 9 minutes to reach Government High School in Sheikhabad.
  • Within 15 minutes’ drive Government Primary School Malkandher can be reached by road, located on Regi Road, Ghulam Nabi Kalay.
  • M.S School Palosi is accessible in 20 minutes by road, in Palosi Talarzai.
  • The Educators on Abdara Road is 20 minutes’ drive away.
  • Bloomfield Hall School (Senior Branch) on Chinar Road is also reachable in just 20 minutes.
  • IBA School System in Canal Town takes only 12 minutes’ drive.

Colleges and universities near DHA Peshawar are:

  • Jinnah College for Women is 20 minutes away in Qadir Abad.
  • Home Economics College is also 20 minutes away in Qadir Abad.
  • Khyber Law College is reachable within 20 minutes, located in Rahat Abad.
  • Khyber Medical College is around 18 minutes away in Rahat Abad via Nasir Bagh Road.
  • Rehman Medical College is just 10km away on GT Road.
  • University of Agriculture, Peshawar, pinned in Rahat Abad about 20 minutes away.
  • Islamia College University Peshawar located on GT Road is 19 minutes’ drive away, established in 1913.
  • University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar is just 9km away on University Road, Peshawar, established in 1980 and used to be known as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa University of Engineering and Technology prior to August 2018.
  • National University of Modern Languages, (NUML), Peshawar Campus, on Chinar Road, University Town is roughly 10 km away.

Mosques In and Near DHA Peshawar:

DHA Peshawar is a mega project containing almost all kinds of amenities, be it public transports or the availability of mosques. DHA Peshawar has seven sectors from Sector A to G, and all these sectors contain schools, parks, and mosques.

Some quickly accessible mosques near DHA Peshawar are:

  • Masjid Hazrat Bilal is just 9 minutes away from the main gate of DHA Peshawar in Sheikhabad.
  • It takes 9 minutes to reach Masjid Hazrat Umar in Sheikh Abad as well.
  • Masjid e Tayebba is around a 6 km drive away pinned in Askari 6, a home rich in abundance of mosques.
  • In just around 8 minutes’ drive Masjid Saad Ibne Abi Waqas (R.A) is accessible, sited in Askari 6 which is considered as one of the most beautiful mosques near DHA Peshawar.
  • Jamia Masjid Sheikhan is also just 8 minutes away located in Askari 6, also regarded as one of the most beautiful mosques near DHA Peshawar.
  • Masjid-e-Abu Bakar Siddique R.A is reachable within 10 minutes from the main gate of DHA Peshawar, also located in Askari 6.
  • Jamia Masjid Miana and Jamia Masjid Malakan are reachable within 10 minutes from the main gate of DHA Peshawar in Askari 6.
  • Askari 6 mosque is reachable within 5 minutes, located on Nasir Bagh Road. The mosque is spacious and contains an air-conditioned praying hall with a capacity of accommodating 700 people.
  • Masjid-e-Bilal is just 5km away on Shahi Bala Road.
  • Masjid Khalid Bin Waleed is easily approachable within 5 minutes by road, sited in Nasir Bagh.

Commercial area In and Near DHA PESHAWAR:

Commercial areas and markets incorporate a significant position in any housing society. Keeping this under consideration, DHA has planned to host several grocery shops and minimarkets in all sectors of DHA Peshawar.

Some quickly approachable markets are listed below:

  • DHA Peshawar Sector-A, Minimart is a few minutes away, DHA Peshawar Sector B Minimart is only a km away, and DHA Peshawar, Sector C Minimart is about 5 minutes’ drive away from the main office, near Nasir Bagh Road.
  • Marwat Market and Ahmad Zai Market sited roughly 10 minutes’ drive away from the society in zone 4.
  • Malik Doud Market in Askari 6 is reachable in just 5 minutes.
  • Muhammad Ali Market also found on Regi Road, Askari 6 is reachable within 15 minutes’ drive.
  • Askari 6 Market is located just 12 minutes away in Askari 6, Peshawar.
  • A Utility Store is offering a range of ordinary grocery products at wholesale rates in Shah Faisal Town, around 5km away from the project.
  • Shuba Bazaar, a good choice for handmade Afghan/Silk carpets and replicas of Iranian rugs is reachable within 25 minutes located in Shoba, Peshawar.
  • Namak Mandi is about 30 minutes’ drive away near Northern Bypass, Peshawar where you can find some of the semi-precious stones, including Emeralds, Tourmaline, and Lazuli.
  • Gora Bazar is accessible within 20 minutes, pinned on Saddar Road which is the most historic market of Peshawar where an immense variety of products can be found at reasonable prices.

Banks Near DHA Peshawar:

DHA Peshawar will have reserved commercial zones where the residents will find branches of almost all the banks. For the time being, banks are around 20 minutes’ drive away in the adjacent zones of DHA Peshawar.

  • United Bank Limited is 9km away on Islamia Collegiate School Road near Rahat Abad.
  • Faysal Bank is almost at a drive of 20 minutes on Canal Road, Peshawar.
  • National Bank of Pakistan is 11km away from the project in University Town, Peshawar.
  • Summit Bank is about 25 minutes away situated on University Road, Tahkal.
  • Meezan Bank Limited is in Khattak Plaza, University Road, reachable in 25 minutes.
  • Habib Bank Limited in View Plaza is 10 km away from the project.
  • Askari Bank is roughly 12 km away pinned in Al-Taj Tower Jahangir Abad, on Main University Road.

Other facilities:

Some other facilities that are present in DHA Peshawar for its community includes modern parks at best locations in some jurisdiction in all sectors of DHA Peshawar and public libraries in different phases of DHA Peshawar approved from HEC to be present there for the community to have some quality time according to their interests. Besides, DHA Peshawar has spared some area for a graveyard as well for the ease of people living there.

Lifestyle in DHA Peshawar:

Shopping Malls in and Near DHA Peshawar:

DHA Peshawar will launch a high-rising building project soon, namely D Mall Peshawar, an international standard mall project. The planning, designing, and launch of D Mall are complete for the project, and the signing ceremony of D Mall Peshawar took place on 21st January 2021. The project will be launched at a prime location of DHA Peshawar, easily approachable from various routes.

Meanwhile, some below-mentioned nearby malls are prevailing for the shopaholics to have a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience.

  • Shah Shopping Centre is 12km away on Jamrud Road E, Karkhana.
  • Liberty Mall is operational, 20-minute drive away on University Road, Tahkal.
  • The Mall Tower is around 30 minutes away, pinned on Mall Road, Peshawar Cantonment.
  • Deans Shopping Mall is around a 17km drive away on Saddar Road, Peshawar.
  • The Great Wall Shopping Mall is pinned in Rafiq Town, 20km away from the project.
  • Mega Mall is accessible within 30 minutes on Warsak Road, Defence Colony,
  • Hyper Mall in Hayatabad is well-reputed on reviews of Google maps as a one-stop shopping mall sited 17 km away from DHA Peshawar via Peshawar Ring Road, and Nasir Bagh Road.

Food Dine-in and Takeaway Available in and NEAR DHA PESHAWAR:

DHA Peshawar will soon let the residents enjoy scrumptious food in their town’s restaurants and cafes, meanwhile the residents of DHA Peshawar can avail the accessibility to some nearby restaurants that serve traditional and highly flavorful meals. Some of these restaurants near DHA Peshawar are:

  • KPK Fish Restaurant reachable within 7 minutes, sited on Street 4, Askari 6.
  • Aziz Restaurant is at a drive of 10 minutes on 8th street of Askari 6.
  • Melting Spot is about 6km away in Arbab Town, the restaurant offers a great variety of fast food.
  • New Yorker Pizza is pinned on Grand Trunk Road while Pizza Hut is sited in phase 3, Hayatabad.
  • In phase 3, Hayatabad traditional food lovers may head over to Habib Restaurant, Jalil Kabab House, and Tikka Corner.
  • Islamia Restaurant is about 9km away opposite Islamia College.
  • Khyber Shinwari Tikka Shop is also located 9km away near University Road.
  • University Tikka Hut, located on Grand Trunk Road is a 9km drive away.
  • King Burger and Café, offers a great range of street food near Arbab Plaza.
  • Chef for You is serving delicious food on Nasir Bagh Road at a drive of 13 minutes.
  • Larham Fish & BB. Q Inn is 8km away near phase 3 Chowk.

For bakery items, the residents of DHA Peshawar can access the following bakeries:

  • Insaf Bakery and Sweets is a few km away on Bade Zai Road, Askari 6.
  • Jans Bakers & Sweets is just a 19-minute drive away on Jamrud Road.
  • Cake Palace is 9 km away located in University Town.
  • Pak Bakers, also pinned in University Town.
  • Shereen Mahal Bakers & Sweets is around 19-minute drive away situated on University Road.
  • China Bakers & Sweets is also accessible within 19 minutes on N Canal Road, Shaheen Town.
  • Moti Mahal Sweets & Bakers present in Phase 4 of Hayatabad is around 18 minutes’ drive away.



Former British Prime Minister, Edward Smith – Stanley quoted; “Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness”. Health is one of the greatest blessings gifted to humans from their Lord. DHA Peshawar in this view will be hosting gyms and sports centers for its residents. Meanwhile, residents of DHA Peshawar can avail some nearby fitness and sports centers so that they don’t have to neglect their healthy routine. Some nearby sports centers are:

  • Inzamam Ground is located 10 minutes’ drive away in Zone 2 Nasir Bagh.
  • GM Khattak Sports Complex is about 20 minutes far from the society in Professors Colony.
  • Sports Complex AUP is also found in Professors Colony at the same distance.
  • Hayatabad Sports Complex in Phase 3, Hayatabad is just 10km away, opened in 1990.
  • Pirzada Cricket Ground pinned on Afzal Abad St, Qadir Abad is also 10km away.
  • Islamia Collegiate Cricket Ground is merely 15 minutes away on University Road.
  • Football Ground is 10 km away in Phase 3, Hayatabad.
  • Sports Complex Cricket Stadium is almost 12km away located in Phase 3, Hayatabad.
  • Abdara Sports Ground is about 15 minutes away in Abdara.

Gyms near DHA Peshawar include:

  • Rock Fitness Gym would hardly take 10 minutes to reach, situated near Warsak Dam Road.
  • Zalmi Fitness Gym in Shah Faisal Town will also take around 10 minutes to reach by road.
  • Kaihan Gym is reachable within 13 minutes located on Nasir Bagh Road.
  • Arena Gold Gym is 15 minutes’ drive away pinned near Bab-e-Peshawar.


Parks play a significant role in maintaining the physical and mental well-being of an individual. It is expected that all phases of DHA Peshawar will include parks, jogging tracks, and separate picnic spots for the residents, so that they may enjoy some quality time with friends and family. However, the residents of DHA Peshawar have a variety of parks near them as well. The list of parks near DHA Peshawar is mentioned below:

  • 4-D/1 Park is just a 10-minute drive away pinned in Zone 4 Regi Model Town.
  • Ladies Park is just 8 minutes away situated on Durrani Street, Nasir Bagh.
  • Regi Model Town Central Park in Regi Model Town is about a 10-minute drive away.
  • Ammar Shaheed Park is located 4km away in Askari 6.
  • Tatara Park is 20 minutes away from the society in Phase 4, Hayatabad.
  • Bagh-e-Naran present 10km away in Phase 1, Hayatabad also hosts a mini zoo besides being a wonderful park adorned with lush green grass, incredible lawns, and trees.
  • Khattak Market Park and Phase-3 Ladies Park are found in Phase 3, Hayatabad.
  • Wazirs Park is just 10 minutes’ drive away sited in Sector A1, Regal Model Town.
  • Phase 4 Park is accessible within 20 minutes, located in Phase 4, Hayatabad.
  • Madina Ladies Park is about 9km away pinned in Phase 3, Hayatabad.
  • Public Park is a 10km drive away present in Phase 2.


The mega project of DHA Peshawar that covers all possible facilities for its residents, as the project is under process, residents will soon be able to enjoy all the facilities within the boundaries of their society. Residents may cherish some well-known nearby Salons and Spas for the required services till then.

  • Depilex Beauty Salon is only 15 minutes’ drive away on Khyber Street, Shaheen Town.
  • GlamBar Beauty Clinic is 17 minutes away on Grand Trunk Road.
  • Cazibe Beauty Salon is about 7km away in Shaheen Town.
  • Sofia Salon in Canal Town is also 7km away.
  • Jugnu’s (Beauty Salon) is almost 10km away on Chinar Road.
  • Black Velvet Parlour and Raheela Salon are in University Town around a 20-minute drive away.
  • Allenora Annie’s Signature Salon is reachable in 20 minutes located on Chinar Road.
  • Lavish Studio takes 19 minutes to reach, pinned in Jahangir Abad Tahkal.


Cinemas have been a very common entertainment source for ages, the moviegoers of DHA Peshawar may avail some nearby cinemas listed here.

  • Arena Cinema is pinned on Arbab Road; Peshawar Cantt is 30 minutes away from the society.
  • Tasveer Mahal Cinema located on Hakeem Ullah Jan Road is about 18km away.
  • Arshid Cinema and Sabrina Cinema near PTCL Colony are reachable within 35 minutes.
  • Shama Cinema is 17km away in Saeedabad Peshawar.
  • Naz Cinema 3D on Hakeem Ullah Jan Road, Hashtnagri is reachable within 35 minutes.


The mega project of DHA Peshawar has brought modern investment opportunities for local as well as overseas Pakistanis. The project incorporates a great variety of houses and plots for both investment and living purposes. The sale price trends in DHA Peshawar vary according to the location, size, area, and number of units. However, an overview of the sale price trends in DHA Peshawar is mentioned below:


Plots in DHA Peshawar is a huge chance to avail maximum returns on your investment. The plots can be purchased on easy installment plans. The average pricing of plots in DHA Peshawar is listed below:

  • 5 Marla plots in DHA Peshawar are available within the average price range from minimum PKR 65 lac to PKR 80 lac cost of land + PKR 9.5 lac Development Charges
  • 10 Marla plots in DHA Peshawar starts with the average price of PKR 28 lac cost of land + 13.5 lac Development Charges and increases up to PKR 75 lac to 90 lac.
  • 1 Kanal plot in DHA Peshawar is available with an average price range from minimum PKR 1.5 lac and Maximum 2.65 lac cost of land + 22.5 lac Development Charges 
  • 2 Kanal plots in DHA Peshawar ranges between PKR 4.5 crore to PKR 5.5 crore cost of land + 39 lac Development Charges.


As for the commercial properties of DHA Peshawar is concerned, DHA Peshawar holds 4 Marla for PKR 2.5 crore cost of land and 8 Marla commercial Plots on  and PKR 4.75 crore only.

Notable Nearby Areas of DHA Peshawar:

  • Shahi Bagh, the most renowned and historic park of KPK is just an hours’ drive away. Shahi Bagh also serves as a hub for social, political, and literary meetings.
  • Arbab Niaz Stadium is pinned 23km away from the society.
  • Peshawar International Airport is just 16km away.
  • Jamrud Fort is 25 minutes away from the society, a well-known historic icon in Peshawar established in 1934, sited in the peripheries of Bab-e-Khyber.
  • Bab-e-Khyber, a spectacular landmark is 11km away on Grand Trunk Road which serves as an entrance hall of KPK.
  • Peshawar Zoo is located on Palosi Road, Qadir Abad, reachable in just 20 minutes.

Residential Societies Near DHA Peshawar:

  • Askari 6
  • Police Foundation Society
  • Sheikh Yaseen Town
  • Zone 4 Regi Model Town
  • Hayatabad
  • Rahat Abad
  • Shaheen Town
  • Tahkal

Why DHA Peshawar?

  • Availability of all basic needs. (Security, Education, Medical, etc.)
  • International standard infrastructure
  • Ultra-modern lifestyle
  • Secure investment
  • Guaranteed profitable investment returns
  • Prime location


  • If you fail to pay the property installments, you are liable to pay a fine for every due installment.
  • People interested in plots in DHA Peshawar should only trust authorized dealers to be on the safe side.

DHA Peshawar MAP

DHA Peshawar Map

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